Marvel Stars have charity Fantasy Football League

Most of your favorite stars from various Marvel movies are taking part in an ESPN league to raise awareness and money for various charities. The 12 participants are: Robert Downey Jr.(Iron Man) . . .Chris Evans(Captain America) . . .Karen Gillan(Nebula) . . .Chris Hemsworth(Thor) . . .Tom Holland(Spider-Man) . . .Michael B. Jordan(Killmonger) . . .Anthony Mackie (Falcon) . . .Elizabeth Olsen(Scarlet Witch) . . .Chris Pratt(Star-Lord) . . .Ryan Reynolds(Deadpool) . . .Paul Rudd(Ant-Man) . . . and Miles Teller(Mr. Fantastic). "Avengers" co-director Joe Russo also has a team, alongwith ESPN's fantasy football expert Matthew Berry(btw, I used Berry's draft kit to pick one of my fantsty co-director Joe Russo and Matthew Berry from ESPN are also in the league. (Sidenote goat...My $$$ League team was picked by using Berry's draft kit and got a D+ score and I'm 0-3 right now. This does help me like him a little more.)

There's $100,000 up for grabs for these charities:

They made the league public so you can follow along here too. Check out standings and statshere. And here's a direct link to thescoreboard.

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