The Mad Max Show
Mad Max, the host of the “Mad Max Morning Show” on ROCK 107.1 in Myrtle Beach brings to his audience four hours of topical, fresh humor consisting of a variety of topics from sports, to beer, to women, relationships and more! Mad Max brings over 29 years of on-air morning radio experience, including mornings in Myrtle Beach for 15 years, stand-up comedy where Mad Max was a nightly emcee at a local comedy club, performing 9 shows a week for three years. You can find Mad Max either on his Harley riding for a charitable event, working out at the gym, surfing the waves of the mighty Atlantic or hanging out with his wife Melanie and two children, Aubrie (6) and Ryder (9). As a former "bad boy", Max's lighthearted take on settling down and moving from a life of Biker Bars and beer-kegs, to a life of Disney movies and birthday parties brings relate-able humor to his audience! It's kind of like "hearing" what all your friends are all taking about on social media!Catch the Mad Max Morning Show every weekday morning from 6-10 on 107.1, or online at!