Video: Guy turns dead uncle's skeleton into a genuine guitar

A musician named Prince Midnight, who apparently lives in Florida, has constructed a functional guitar made from his late uncle Filip’s bones.

Filip died more than 20 years ago in a car accident, and his skeleton was donated to a college in Greece, where it was used for educational purposes for 20 years. When the school no longer needed the bones, they were returned to his Greek Orthodox family. Orthodox Greeks frown on cremation, and the family determined a burial would be too expensive.

So, Mr. Midnight sorted though mounds of red tape to gain possession of the skeleton and pay homage to his metal-loving uncle by turning the bones into a guitar.

Since no one had ever made a guitar from a skeleton, Prince says "a lot of research" was required. Eventually, however, the instrument was put together with the torso, spine and pelvis serving as the guitar's “body.” Prince added a neck, pickups, volume knobs, and other stuff. “Filip Skelecaster” is emblazoned as a name for the axe.

PHOTO: Getty Images