Is This Guy Father Of The Year Or Is He Headed For Jail?

We can not decide if this is perfectly awesome, or borderline criminal...but we are leaning toward AWESOME. A guy named Rudy Willingham in Seattle came up with this. His eight-month-old daughter is in the second percentile for weight, and the doctor said she needed to take in more calories before her next appointment. So Rudy came up with an idea to get her to chug more formula. What did he come up with? How about her using a BEER BONG. Quote, "I gained a ton of weight this way in college, so I figured it could do the same for her." He built a baby beer bong out of a funnel and a tube, and then he attached a bottle nipple to the end of it. So then he posted a TikTok video of his daughter really seeming to enjoy pounding her formula out of the beer bong. Check it out: